Code of Conduct

Scientia-Do students agree to abide by, and uphold the following code of conduct...

  • I will treat my Instructor, other students and their property with respect.
  • I will follow all instructions given to be by my Instructor promptly.
  • I will train to the best of my ability, showing the tenets of Scientia-Do at all times.
  • I will only use the knowledge and skills that I learn in Scientia-Do for self-defence. I will not "show off" or "brag" about my abilities.
  • I will not use or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at class.
  • I will inform the Instructor of any injuries that I may have before the start of class. I will also report any injuries that occur during the course of class immediately to the Instructor.
  • I will pay my fees promptly, and whenever possible I will use correct change.
  • I understand that the techniques of Scientia-Do can be very dangerous when used by undisciplined and untrained people. I will not teach any techniques I know to others. I will encourage interested people to attend class and learn from a qualified Instructor.

The martial art skills learnt during Scientia-Do training can be very effective.

Misuse of these skills is taken as a serious breach of a students oath.
Such misuse will result in action from Scientia-Do Instructors, that may include cancelation
of the offending students membership, and the discontinuation of their instruction.