Ranks & Gradings

Scientia-Do training has a rank structure. All of the techniques that you will learn have been classified into a series of ranks based upon their difficulty. Students that are worthy of each rank can be identified because they wear different coloured belts with their uniform. The ranks are as follows…

  10th Kup ~ 3 months
  9th Kup ~ 3 months
  8th Kup ~ 3 months
  7th Kup ~ 3 months
  6th Kup ~ 3 months
  5th Kup ~ 3 months
  4th Kup ~ 3 to 6 months
  3rd Kup ~ 3 to 6 months
  2nd Kup ~ 6 months
  1st Kup ~ 6 months
  Black Belt ~ 6 months
  1st Dan Black Belt ~ 4 years
  2nd Dan Black Belt ~ 4 years
  3rd Dan Black Belt ~ 4 years
  4th Dan Black Belt ~ 4 years
Promotion through the ranks of Scientia-Do consist of the following…
  • During the course of training your Instructor will teach you all of the techniques in your curriculum. It is essential that you practice these techniques both at class, and at home in your own time.
  • After sufficient training, students must successfully complete a "Grading Test".
  • During the Grading Test you will be required to show "a level of mastery" of you curriculum.
  • You will be required to perform your curriculum in front of an examiner or a grading panel.
  • You need to be able to perform all techniques "on both sides of your body".
  • Students, who show the examiner/panel they have attained a level of mastery that will allow them to train safely at the next grade, will be promoted to that grade.
  • Students who achieve a promotion will be presented with their new belt or stripe at the grading test, and will commence training at that level during their next class.
  • Students who require more time to achieve this level of mastery will remain at their current grade.