What is Scientia-Do?

Scientia-Do is a martial art club! We are not a new "style" of martial arts.
We are a club where students endeavour to simply train in the martial arts. This is why we have such a unique name. Scientia-Do comes from two words…
  Scientia a Latin word which means "knowledge" / "skill"
  Do a Japanese/Korean word which means "way of"
Therefore Scientia-Do literally has a meaning of "the way of knowledge" or "the way of skill". So we are a club for people who are interested in the martial arts. Some of our members come to us interested in self-defence, fitness, strength, flexibility, and personal development. We try to develop all of these things through practicing strong, practical and traditional martial art techniques.
So what martial art(s) are the core of Scientia-Do training? Well you will be mainly training in two martial art styles…
  Tae Kwon Do a Korean martial art, characterised by its fast, powerful hand techniques and many high spinning and jumping kicks. This is the core art and the majority of the training we do.
  Aikido a Japanese martial art consisting of throwing and joint locking techniques, rolling and break falling.